26 de fev de 2012

Por que nutrição

Encontrei uma ótima explicação de por que a nutrição me interessa tanto. É de um pesquisador que tem interesses comuns comigo.

"Nutrition is not simply a scientific discipline, it is a reflection of how society views its members. Thus, understanding and promoting a humane access to healthy foods is a core aspect of public health nutrition. Without this emphasis, seeing food as a simple commodity that has no place in the continuum of human health and human rights, means that the marginalised and poorest members of the world community are likely to fail to achieve their social and biological potential. Furthermore, public health nutrition is much more than a discourse, it involves meaningful research, education, and outreach to all members of society."  

By Daniel Hoffman, Associate Professor and chair of the Department of Nutritional Sciences School of Environmental and Biological Sciences Rutgers University.

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